GRAPE-6 project --- A 64-Tflops computer for stellar dynamics

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Status of the project

August, 1997 Funding approved

March, 1999 First ES of the chip delivered

July, 1999 First N-body simulation on GRAPE-6 testboard completed. N=2048, equal-mass, eps=1/512

Oct, 1999 The chip worked fine at 100 MHz clock

Nov, 1999 GRAPE-5 received 1999 Gordon Bell Prize (crick to see even larger image)
, read the press release by SC99, or read the paper

Feb, 2000 Processor board under testing.
Nov, 2000 GRAPE-6 received 2000 Gordon Bell Prize.
July, 2001 32-processor board, 1024-chip system
Nov, 2001 GRAPE-6 received 2001 Gordon Bell Prize.
Mar, 2002 48-processor board, 1536-chip system
May, 2002 64-processor board, 2048-chip system

Photo gallery

The GRAPE-6 Chip
GRAPE-6 Test board with Processor module (two chips)
GRAPE-6 Test board without Processor module
GRAPE-6 Test board with Processor module (one chip)
GRAPE-6 Processor board with 8 Processor modules as of 01/30/2000
GRAPE-6 Processor board under testing as of 01/30/2000
GRAPE-6 Enclosure as of 01/30/2000
32-processor board, 1024-chip system
48-processor board, 1536-chip system
64-processor board, 2048-chip system

Brochures and slides on the project

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