Workshop on `The GRAPE Users Community'

Room 409, Building 15, Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo Tokyo, January 28-29, 1999
The aim of this workshop is to strengthen the ties between the various GRAPE users, world wide. We invite you to share your experiences with using the GRAPE, from technical problems you may have encountered to the scientific results you have obtained. We are also eager to hear your suggestions for future GRAPE developments. Finally, by forming a loosely-knit GRAPE Users Community, we can cooperate in presenting the main results of our research in a coherent way, for example through movies on a shared web-site.


There will be
online proceedings, which will contain
  1. Talk title and Abstracts
  2. Talk Slides
Those who have not yet submitted the talk abstract, please do so by Feb 15, 1999, to

The proceedings will be visible from here, and from official GRAPE Web sites.



10:00: Piet Hut:   introduction, and outline of a GRAPE user organization

10:15: Jun Makino: future GRAPE and GRAPE junior availability

10:30-10:45: coffee

10:45-12:00: Session 1 --- cosmology and galaxies (Chair: Spurzem)

   Ralf Klessen
   Lia Athanasoula
   Josh Barnes

2:00-3:15: Session 2 --- star clusters (Chair: Barnes)

   Douglas Heggie
   Rainer Spurzem
   Simon Portegies Zwart

3:15-3:45: coffee

3:45-4:10: Session 3 --- planets and moons (Chair: Ida)

   Eiichiro Kokubo

4:10-5:00: Special Session --- European GRAPE collaborations

   Roundtable discussion, led by
   Lia Athanasoula, Douglas Heggie, Rainer Spurzem

5:30: Leave Komaba

6:00: Banquet in Unosato (Shibuya)


10:00-10:50: Session 4 --- Algorithms (Chair: Heggie)

   Sverre Aarseth
   Atsushi Kawai

10:50-11:00: coffee

11:00-11:50: Session 5 --- Software and Hardware environments (Chair: Athanassoula)

   Andreas Kugel
   Peter Teuben

11:50-12:00: Piet Hut & Jun Makino: Concluding remarks

Note: we do not have enough time to invite everyone to give a presentation.
      However, we have allotted ample time for group discussion, so everyone
      should get plenty of chances to speak up.

Note to scheduled speakers:
      we hope that these times are okay with you; if not, please let
      us know as soon as possible. Talks are 15 min. each, plus 10 min.


Those who need hotel reservation, please contact Keiko Hisaga (


The following is the alphabetical list (as of 7th Jan 1999)
	Sverre J. Aarseth	<>
	Evangelie Athanasoula	<>
	Joshua E. Barnes	<>
	Chris  Boily		<>
	Albert Bosma		<>
	Toshiyuki Fukushige	<>
	Yoko Funato		<>
	Douglas C. Heggie	<>
	Shunsuke Hozumi		<>
	Piet Hut		<>
	Atsushi Kawai		<>
	Shigeru Ida		<>
	Makoto Ideta		<>
	Ralf Klessen		<>
	Eiichiro Kokubo		<>
	Andreas Kugel		<>
	Jun Makino		<>
	Naohito Nakasato	<>
	Simon Portegies Zwart	<>
	Rainer Spurzem		<>	
	Peter Teuben		<>


  1. Banquet will start on 6 p.m., at Restaurant "Unosato" (phone 3496-2087, 36-11 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku), which is abount 10 minutes walk from Shibuya station or 20 minutes walk from Komaba. The map below gives some idea, if you are familiar with Shibuya... If not, follow Eiichiro

    The fee for the banquet is 3000 JYE.

Guide to the workshop place

The closest train station to Komaba Campus is Komaba-Todai-Mae station of Keio-Inokashira Line (See
the map). It's the second stop from Shibuya station by a local train. An express train skips Komaba-Todai-Mae.
  • Komaba Campus
  • Building 15

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