The GRAPE-4 System --- 1995 and 1996 Gordon Bell Prize Winner

GRAPE-4 is a special purpose computer for astrophysical simulations being developed in our lab. The peak speed exceeding 1 Tflops has been achieved. The figure shows four cluster units and the host computer. The host is a DEC Alpha AXP 3000/900.

Status of the project

July, 1992 Funding approved (185 M JYE)

August, 1993 Samples of two custom chips completed

October, 1994 Prototype system completed

Apr 15, 1995 1/30 of the machine (40 Gflops) became operational

May 1, 1995 One cluster (212 Gflops) became fully operational

July 28, 1995 Full system (1.08 Tflops ) press release

Dec 7, 1995 Won Gordon Bell Prize for Special-purpose machine

Press release text from IEEE.

Nov 21, 1996 Won Gordon Bell Prize for performance

Brochures and slides on the hardware

Press release brochure(82KB, In Japanese)

IAU 174 Talk slides by M. Taiji

The Star Machine, by Gary Taubes, Discovery June 1997 issue

Papers describing the hardware

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